PJ Salvage pajamas, lingerie and loungewear, cotton and flannel PJs

The story of how P.J. Salvage came to be is a lengthy tale about a simple idea, the true meaning of happiness. When Mr. Salvage was a young man, he began a life long journey on the pursuit to find that which would bring him joy. Was it fame? Was it wealth? No, he realized. it was happiness. But where did happiness come from? He tried it all, traveling to the far reaches of the world searching for that answer. After many years of searching and late one chilly night while back-packing through the Andes Mountains, he reached for his favorite pajamas. Years ago, his dear Aunt Sue had made them with love and they went everywhere with Mr. Salvage as he traveled. After putting them on, it suddenly struck him like a bolt of lightening, "That's it! Being comfortable makes me happy!" He began to imagine "what if I did everything in my pajamas? I would be the happiest person on earth." Eager to share with his friends and neighbors his new found knowledge, Mr. Salvage hopped the earliest flight home. He told everyone that to be really happy you just have to be comfortable. Everyone agreed and could see the difference in Mr. Salvage as he seemed to stand taller, smiled at the small dogs and fed pigeons in the park. His happiness was so contagious they realized that it must be the pajamas he wore, so they gave it a try. Soon everyone in town was wearing the P.J. Salvage Brand to the market, the gym. and of course to bed.

  • PJ Salvage Cotton Flannel Pajamas- Tattoo
    PJ Salvage Cotton Flannel Pajamas- Tattoo
    Get cozy and comfy this winter in an adorable pair of flannel pajamas from PJ Salvage. Made of a weighty and soft cotton flannel, the jammies feature whimsical prints. Created with ease and comfort in mind, many of the prints are unisex, suitable for men and women, PJ Salvage flannel pajamas make a great gift. Sizes on flannel pajamas run larger than their cotton pajamas, so pay attention to the sizing. This holiday season, PJ Salvage flannel pajamas come in an attractive gift box, ready for gift giving.