Brand Profile- UnderWoo

Upon first glance, handbag designer is not the first thing that pops into your mind upon meeting Staci Woo. The impression instead is one of calm. Yes, calm. Rather than a fury of lipstick and heels, Staci is a woman that could explain algebra to a six-year old. Her motions are fluid, her expressions sincere, and her design space a sea of creativity.

This native Northern California gal moved south after studying art at the University of California, Santa Barbara. While in school, Staci worked at a local swimwear company and made her splash into the fashion industry. However, her real break came in 1995, as assistant designer to Adriano Goldschmied for A. Gold E.

"It was a humbling experience," she says of her days in the trenches.

"I was young. Adriano taught me not just about design, but how to see things. He'd rush into the office holding up a pair of dirty blue jeans or an old tee shirt and exclaim, 'Do you see it! Isn't it fantastic!?'"

Seeing the uniqueness in all things is her greatest gift. The result is Woo.

While toiling for Adriano, Staci began crafting on her own. She whipped up a sling bag for personal use that soon became a coveted possession of friends and family. One became two, two three, and thus, Woo was born.

Quality remains her trademark, uniqueness her niche. By utilizing vintage textiles and recycling everything from aloha shirts to cashmere sweaters, Staci has a market all her own. Few have the vision and dedication to create such a specialized product.

Now Staci has taken on a new challenge: Underwoo. In search of the perfect under gear for everyday use, Staci found herself at the drawing board. Comfort, cool, quality. Comfort, cool, quality. With this as her mantra Staci went to work and created a collection perfect for lazy days and crazy days. Now you can wear Woo inside and out!

It is not uncommon to spot a Woo on the arms of the likes of Charlize Theron, Meg Ryan, and Winona Ryder. While Underwoo sightings are left only to a privileged few.

See you in Woo!
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