Style Guide for Hanky Panky Stretch Lace Thongs

hanky panky lingerie
4811- Stretch Lace Thong
The most popular thong from Hanky Panky. Features a 2 inch wide stretch lace band with stretch lace trim around the edges of the thong and a cotton lined crotch. What makes this thong so comfortable is the ultra-light, buttery soft stretch lace and the complete absence of any elastic. If you have never tried Hanky Panky, you can't go wrong with the 4811.
4911- Low Rise Stretch Lace Thong
A low rise version of the 4811, two inches lower. many people ask us if they need a low rise thong, if you wear low rise clothing or prefer the fit of low rise underwear, then this is for you. If you feel like low rise underwear is too low, you may want to stick with the 4811.
6011- Cotton and Lace Thong
An alternative to the 4811, for women who prefer cotton panties. The same stretch lace band, but with a cotton bottom and cotton lined crotch. This thong has stretch lace trim around the edges for ultimate comfort.

6211- Low Rise Cotton and Lace Thong
Low rise version of the 6011
4811X- Plus Size Stretch Lace Thong
Similar to the 4811, but fits sizes 14-20.