Style Guide for Eliminating Visible Panty Lines

Well, the obvious solution that most women choose to avoid visible panty lines is to wear a thong. If you choose to go that route, Cosabella, Hanky Panky and OnGossamer make some of the best thongs in the industry.

Cosabella thongs are the tried and true staple, the lightweight mesh, combined with the super light elastic, give a truly comfortable fit. Hanky Panky thongs are adored by millions of women, for their super comfortable wide band that does not dig into the thighs and their stretch lace trim (absolutely elastic free). To top it off, the one size fits all makes it a perfect fit for most women.

OnGossamer uses a mesh so light it feels like you're wearing nothing at all. Combine that with a feather light trim and you have a truly comfortable thong that even converts those that have never worn a thong before.

Now there are plenty of women who are uncomfortable with thongs. They like a little coverage in the rear. Boyshorts are a terrific alternative. Cosabella boyshorts are made of a feather light mesh and a light elastic trim (just like the thong) and five full derriere coverage, avoiding visible panty lines. Mary Green's feather light silk boyshorts with lace trim are another dreamy alternative. And eberjey makes a deliriously delicious boyshort available in a variety of colors.

But there are still times where the boyshort and the thong just won't do. For example, when you are wearing light colors or lightweight garments. If you're avoiding a visible panty line, then you definitely don't want to be caught with a visible thong under the wrong lighting. So, SPANX to the rescue. Combining slimming properties, avoiding the pantyline altogether, and even adding a layer of protection against slightly sheer clothing, SPANX power panties and footless pantyhose are another alternative to avoiding the visible panty line